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Why Oriental Medicine
Oriental medicine is a system of healing that was developed thousands of years ago. It encompasses many techniques, not limited to acupuncture, massage, Qi Gong and herbs.

The principle of these modalities is best captured in this ancient Chinese proverb: "Where there is pain, there is no free flow, where there is free flow, there is no pain."

The objective in Oriental Medicine is to release energy blockages, supplement deficiencies and drain excesses, thereby restoring the physical body and the emotional body to health. Deep betrayals of intimacy involve energy blockages (due to somatic holding patterns from shock causing frozen trauma to be held in the body), depletions (life force that has leaked or been "stolen"), and sometimes excesses (stagnation held too long in the body producing pathological heat).

Oriental medicine is well suited for treating conditions that often cannot be identified with contemporary allopathic diagnostic equipment. These conditions are then sometimes erroneously labeled as psychiatric in nature. Based on the symptoms described by the patient as well as the signs identified by the practitioner, the location, pathway and nature of the pathological energy flow can be identified and restored using a variety of techniques. When these blockages are resolved, physical symptoms improve and emotions become more harmonious.

Unresolved energetic blockages can affect individuals on a variety of levels. They affect an individual's self talk, choices and entire life direction and can often cause wounded individuals to harm others. Angela Shelton produced this short animation entitled "Sword of Trauma" to illustrate this cycle.

Sword of Trauma animation

The modalities of Oriental Medicine are powerful, time-tested methods that can help heal these energetic wounds when used in conjunction with techniques that restore thinking patterns and belief systems to those which are life affirming in nature.