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Sexual trauma, in all of its manifestations, profoundly disturbs the mental and emotional well being of whom it touches. It deeply affects the spirit as well, and this imbalance further perpetuates the effects of the trauma.

Project AcuHope believes that recovery from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harms of sexual trauma is possible. We believe that people suffering from the burden of trauma can achieve a new state of well being and freedom. To enable this process of recovery we propose these goals.

  • To engage in a dialogue that evolves the current contextualization of sexual trauma.
  • To integrate body-centered healing strategies with traditional forms of therapy to create a more holistic treatment model for victims.

By incorporating the ancient modalities of Oriental Medicine with traditional forms of therapy, we can help free victims from the negative aftermath of sexual trauma and facilitate the renewal of body, mind and spirit.

Project AcuHope is a collective effort of healers, activists, therapists and other concerned people who are passionate about creating a world where sexual trauma is a rare and not a frequent occurrence. To be successful, Project AcuHope requires many different people with many different perspectives. To be successful, we need you!

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I wish you strength and a joy-filled future.

Krisztina Samu, Licensed Acupuncturist