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About the Book
Finding Spirit: Reclaiming the Sacred Self is the book currently being produced by Project AcuHope on the topic of recovery from sexual abuse and/or exploitation. The project is a compliation of stories from healers, activists, writers, artists and speakers who are using varied approaches towards helping others rise to wholeness and dignity after these experiences, and/or raise awareness on the subject in the public consciousness.

The book will contain literary contributions from 50 or so individuals, and simultaneously carry a narrative in the form of illustrations, one sample of which can be seen below.

Lily Gazing
Lily Starts to See Herself As Whole
© 2009 Kris Wiltse

I am blessed to have Kris Wiltse illustrating the book, and I look forward to the steady, fruitful evolution of this inspiring project.

If you would like to suggest an individual or organization (that I may not yet have thought of) to be considered for this project, kindly email me at: info@projectacuhope.com

--Krisztina Samu